Come Rain or Shine

Rose Gardner Investigatons #5

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Publisher Description

Book five of the Rose Gardner Investigation series. 

Rose Gardner collects secrets the way other people collect junk—and now she’s being asked to expose them. Special Prosecutor Mason Deveraux has called a grand jury to investigate the corruption in the Sweet Branch Police Department, and he’s summoned Rose as a witness. Any topic is fair game, and the criminals in Fenton county are rightly scared of what she might share under oath.

While trying to placate the lawless men, Rose is also caring for her dying sister, Violet. Only Violet’s doctor has fled town after selling prescriptions, and Rose is sure big-time drug dealer Denny Carmichael has his hand in the situation. She has no intention of investigating, but like with a lot of her cases, clues keep falling into her lap.

Then, just when it feels like everything’s at a boiling point, Rose gets shocking news that turns her life upside down. Now, she’s not just soothing the criminals’ anxiety, but actively seeking allies for a fight she hasn’t asked for—and her enemy just might be the man she loves.

Crime & Thrillers
6 May

Customer Reviews

J0123321J ,

Constantly amazed

I have read every single book you have released about “Rose Gardener” or all the in between books giving insights into the different characters, and somehow every time I don’t think it will be able to be topped and yet each new book bring amazing new developments and relationships. I got over Joe a few books ago but in this book his character was exactly what it needed to me. The balance of the new news and the underworld was amazing and I love how you brought aspects of her old life such as the use of the old house and the chaos caused to almost pay tribute to her late mother. My absolute favourite part was the court seen or Skeeters last moments with both Rose and Violet (extra read). I would’ve liked to have heard a bit more from Mason at points because it may have been interesting to may hear from him in court or call Rose earlier on to tell her off for getting him of the case, or even better let him stay as the prosecutor/questioner, but overall I thought it was brilliant he was there!

Absolutely amazing book can not wait until the next one! I saw it will be the last Neely Kate book, so what’s next?

PS= do not read this book if you don’t have enough time on your hands, you won’t be able to put it down!❤️

Giboidus ,

Journey of a lifetime!

Don’t read this book if you have to be somewhere! Seriously you won’t make work or an appointment, just call in sick for the day and get a new box of tissues from the start off you’ll need them. Fast paced, entertaining and if you’ve invested your time into Rose then you’ll not want to miss this leg of her journey.

LailaNelke ,

Beyond amazing!

This book is beyond amazing! Epic. The most anticipated book of all the Rose books. And it was so worth waiting! A whirlwind of all the possible emotions. Yes, I admit I’ve been laughing, crying (more than anything else), upset, angry, shocked, surprised,yelling and more..
I’ve been preparing myself to anything happening in this book (that’s what I thought) but Denise proved it was not enough even though I knew it won’t be enough. She is the master of telling the stories of her character’s lives- yes, I believe they live their own lives and Denise puts it in to words to make it available for us to read! That’s a great TALENT! I love the way this story goes even if my silly heart disagrees..
I think there’s no need to say I couldn’t put it down even if I wanted to make it last longer.
Haven’t read it yet? Just grab it and prepare yourself for a wild ride! And, don’t forget to read the bonus scene at the end of book! You’ll be amazed more!

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