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This illustrated booklet is inspired by the author’s experiences with cancer for over 30 years, initially as a patient, then as an oncology nurse in the NHS and finally, working for the pharmaceutical industry. This interactive evidence-based resource aims to remind healthcare professionals of the constant need to consider the most effective ways to communicate with newly diagnosed cancer patients. Offering a simple approach which anyone can adopt and that should help them in their interactions with someone newly diagnosed with a cancer-related illness. This booklet also provides access to a referenced slide deck with cartoon images and accompanying presenter notes, which could be used to facilitate training and discussion amongst the healthcare community. 30% of the profits from the sale of the publication will be donated to a UK-based cancer charity.

Professional & Technical
July 5
Bruce Gilligan

Customer Reviews

Dame Lesley ,

Brilliant little booklet

This brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated booklet should be made compulsory reading for all healthcare professionals in training many of whom are anxious when first communicating with patients with life threatening disease such as cancer.

Elgar23 ,

Not just useful for healthcare professionals

While I am not a healthcare professional I read this book with interest as I have managed and am currently managing staff that have been diagnosed with cancer. The book has given me plenty to reflect upon and consider. It is an unfortunate inevitability that I’ll have to support someone and their coworkers through this illness again. I feel better prepared for that occasion.

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