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Ebook comes with main table of contents and interlinked sub table of contents.  Each chapter is clearly marked so user knows which book within the boxset is being read.

The Novels of Rudyard Kipling.

• The Light That Failed.
• The Naulahka, A Story Of West And East.

• Captains Courageous. (Illustrated)

• Kim. (Illustrated)
• The Story of the Gadsbys.

The Military Books of Rudyard Kipling.

• A Fleet In Being.
• France At War.
• The New Army In Training. 
• Sea Warfare.
• The War In The Mountains.
• The Eyes Of Asia.

• The Graves of the Fallen. (Illustrated)

• The Irish Guards In The Great War.  (Illustrated / Footnotes)

The Shorter Fiction of Rudyard Kipling.

• The City Of Dreadful Night.
• Quartette.
• Plain Tales From The Hills.
• Soldiers Three And Other Stories.
• Soldiers Three - Part II.
• Under The Deodars.
• The Phantom Rickshaw And Other Tales.
• Wee Willie Winkie And Other Child Stories.
• Life’s Handicap.
• Many Inventions.

• The Jungle Book. (Illustrated)
• The Second Jungle Book.
• The Day’s Work.
• Stalky & Co. 

• Just So Stories For Little Children. (Illustrated)
• Traffics And Discoveries. 

• Puck Of Pook’s Hill. (Illustrated)

• Actions And Reactions. (Illustrated)
• Abaft The Funnel. 
• Rewards And Fairies.
• A Diversity Of Creatures. 
• Land And Sea Tales For Scouts And Guides.

• Debits And Credits. (Inline footnotes)
• The Complete Stalky & Co.
• Thy Servant A Dog.
• Limits And Renewals.
• Tales Of India: The Windermere Series. 
• Proofs Of Holy Writ.

The Travel Writing of Rudyard Kipling.

• From Sea To Sea – Letters Of Travel: 1887-1889. 
• American Notes. 
• Letters Of Travel: 1892-1913. 
• Souvenirs Of France.
• Brazilian Sketches. 

The Complete Poetry and Verse of Rudyard Kipling.

The Speeches of Rudyard Kipling.

• The Book of Words.

The Non-Fiction of Rudyard Kipling.

• A History Of England. (Illustrated)

The Biography of Rudyard Kipling.

• Something of Myself. 

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