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The 115th House of Representatives, Republicans and Democrats alike; showed themselves desperate to keep Trump in Obama's Iran nuclear weapons transfer deal (although, even with the fabrications crafted in support of the debacle, it's not clear why);
The House of Representatives went so distractedly far as to pass a House Bill, almost unanimously, the Iran Ballistic Missiles and International Sanctions Enforcement Act; which attempted to enact as United States statute, an endorsement of one of the key features of Obama's deal with Iran;
That endorsement being, as once again is documented in this writing; that per the instructions ladled out in the text of Obama's Security Council Resolution 2231 – the United States will continue to expedite and approve of Iranian acquisitions of procurement packages at the expense of the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty.
The Lower House having passed its impossible bill on 26 October 2017, was apparently chastened with a later realization that the extreme measure they were so strongly in support of might backfire and publicly expose the truly bizarre prejudice of a warped Congress in favor of the stipulated preference: the preference being that a law be enacted asserting the U.S. Government was to maintain Obama's stance favoring United States Government expediting and approving Iranian acquisitions of procurement packages of bundled nuclear and ballistic missile associated assets indefinitely – regardless of however much this might exasperate or provoke curmudgeon President Trump who had already expressed dismay over the arrangement.
Who knows how the imbecile population of the 115th House of Representatives thought they were ever going to get this new President to sign the complete crap into law? In any event, the thing definitely went as far as it did – and the fiasco extravaganza is all laid out for every U.S. Citizen, and the Peoples of the World, to review on the Congressional Record of date.
Still spoiling for a desperate fight to keep the United States Government in a deal, completely illegal under international law (as we shall review), a deal which seeks to support Iranian acquisitions of Weapons of Mass Destruction associated assets – on 13 March 2018, just a blink of an eye ago – the 115th Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) summoned the Commanding four star General responsible for the CENTCOM theatre of operations (explained in the writing), and cornered the General to answer some few brief, very narrow questions about a subject not necessarily in the General's area of expertise.
Naturally none of the Senators staffing that current 115th Congress SASC were willing, in the event, to inform the General that which they all knew so very well– that the 115th House of Representatives had recently some few months before sent up a bill to the Senate proposing that ongoing (at the time) U.S. Government support in expediting and approving Iranian acquisitions of Weapons of Mass Destruction associated assets under United Nations auspices, be upheld by the Trump administration.
Without informing the General of that little piece of horror, they broadly asked that the General give the opinion that it might be plausible if under the circumstances (which they had fabricated and proposed as truth) it could be considered as in the best "security" interests of the United State that the Trump administration remain in Obama's "deal" for at least the time being.
The General, clearly without knowing of the weapons transactions gave a tentative yes answer, listed in the record.
That the General was not aware of the true nature of circumstance does not shock nearly so much as the Senate refusal to share information of which many of the voters are familiar.
Clearly Trump hasn't told the General; how is the General to function effectively in his command without information?
The deranging secrecy and jealous paranoia of this current governance is the fundamental issue in this writing.

Politics & Current Affairs
October 25
Jean-Marc Lebouquin

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