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Mindful activities are a life skill that can help children and young adults to manage stress. In this follow up to her best-selling book ‘calm kids’, expert and international author, Lorraine Murray, presents a range of meditation tools to help you support children and teenagers who may have additional support needs or are on the autistic spectrum.

This book is ideal for educators, parents, carers and professionals; accessible for all levels of experience. It offers advice and guidance on how to help reduce stress with bespoke and practical ways to introduce mindfulness and meditation into daily life.

Lorraine Murray has been researching and teaching this since 2003 and the book includes real-life examples of how the mindful activities have had a positive outcome for families and professionals who have children with special needs.

It includes:

understanding how meditation can help benefit brain development;
how to develop bespoke meditations for children with additional support needs;
a meditation ‘toolkit’ of different styles to help children cope;
simple calming methods for you and your children/teens;
case studies demonstrating effective ‘tried and tested’ mindful methods with children who have special needs.

Lorraine Murray has passionately dedicated her work to helping children and young people reduce stress using simple mindful activities. She teaches these methods worldwide through her award-winning programme, Connected Kids.

"I give heartfelt thanks to Lorraine who opened the door to a plethora of possibilities that can help pave the way to the balanced, healthy lifestyle all our children deserve. That is, a life of inner calm and confidence, peace and happiness within the atmosphere of our exciting, innovative world that is at the same time fast-paced, noisy and demanding."

Christine Curtis-Perez,
Primary Head Teacher, Hastings School, Madrid

"We have found the skills our pupils have learned through connected kids to be a useful, possibly vital, life tool for now and in the future. In an increasingly complex and stressful world these can only be beneficial and we have made them an essential part of our curriculum by integrating short mindfulness sessions throughout the day and whenever pupils need to use them. our pupils have severe learning difficulties, many also with autism, and yet the ideas can be adapted quite easily to each individual’s needs."

Sarah Houghton -Birrell,
Autism Coordinator, Catcote Academy, England

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July 24
Lorraine Murray

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