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A collection of stories (1 Novelette & 4 short stories) that precede the events of the Traveller who is said to become the next Master of the Matter-Fabric. He alone would be the light in times of Darkness whilst he battled against another whom would seek to rule over the universe on the edge of the collapse of reality.

Stories include: The Khalazaran Prophecy, The Broken Worlds, Trensgar, Ghezar's Last, The Summoner's Run and the Foretelling.

Well before the Traveller was foretold to take the seat as a Master of the Matter-Fabric there were those who came together to protect time and space. Together the Bearers were formed through a series of challenges in the Serilion, a tournament to determine those worthy enough to protect the Matter-Fabric.

In the outer-universe where Infinites roam Serg is left alone in his tower where he has recorded the universe for over six centuries and when a group of unexpected guests arrive from the universe itself, Serg is persuaded to enter reality, an act forbidden by his people. There he finds that the universe is soon to come crashing down and he must warn the Supreme High Council but will the Infinites be persuaded to disband tradition and aid the universe in the oncoming calamity or will Serg be faced with the consequences of leaving a Timeless Field?

Within Anselopha, the other half of Earth, live beings who possess supernatural powers. After many failed Serilions those in the High Authority are desperate to have another Master fill the seat but with the line of Bearers decreasing the world is slowly covering in Darkness and before long the War of the Masters will be upon them.

After fleeing his homeland, Olden Gray has illegally crossed into the Continuverse (worlds within Earth and Anselopha) to search for potential Bearers to take part in the next Serilion yet, upon his return home, the unimaginable happens and Olden is thrust into a position that he wishes was not his burden to carry.

Legend spoke of the Lost Six who were scattered across time during the First Serilion, since then they have been trapped in someplace and plan their inevitable return.

In various points throughout the universe, a set of alternate dimensions known as Timeless Fields exist. Infinites have been the only beings to have lived within them.

Though no one has actually seen an Infinite or even had any knowledge of them, they have been around for countless of centuries, in the wake of many existences.

Since the beginning, Time has depended on the Heavenly Rays of Tohcay to beam, in order to blaze the Timely Flares and spout out the source of 3Circle energy, shifting it across the entire Matter-Fabric, burning in its endless rage.

Not until Time showed signs of deteriorating, had those in the worlds outside Timeless Fields taken up the responsibility to preserve its natural state.

The Matter-Fabric’s first Bearers had surfaced to rule as the authority that governed a Nation to protect Time against those who would cause it harm.

For hundreds of years the Bearers enforced Continumental Law over the whole of the universe, yet efforts to thwart any lasting damage to the continuum were being rendered useless as Time’s natural state was found as the root cause of the problem.

It was said that Darkness would blind the universe of all light and the continuum would know an end.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
22 April
Khorum Ahmed

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