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A collection of love poems from God to encourage those who need it

Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration is a poetry collection from the author to glorify His Savior Jesus Christ and to motivate those who are seeking encouragement. The author Mack suffered through depression for years. His depression was at its worst when he was in his late teens and early twenties. It was Christ who helped him to overcome depression. Mack wants to help others who are dealing with similar issues. This book covers themes such as God, depression, anxiety, worry, panic, stress, self-esteem, motivation, and suicide.

Some of the situations these words will help:

Helping teens who cut
Helping teens with anxiety
Helping teens cope with death
Helping teens who cut understanding and ending self-injury
Depression in children and adolescents
How to improve self esteem
Depression in the church
Depression in new mothers
Powerful words powerful results
Suicide in teens
Post traumatic stress disorder
Panic attacks

These words of encouragement will help to build self confidence for teens as well as adults. Jesus is whom the author seeks in his on going battles with anxiety. His book of poems is for anyone who is seeking help with anxiety and panic attacks. However, if you love poetry, then this book is for you as well. Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration is an unforgettable book that is bible-based, powerful and inspires people. The inspiring messages in this book can help you with being a more confident you. There is a poem in his book, "As Real As the Wind" which personifies Christ like the wind. Then there is his poem, "Please Don’t Do It" which encourages people who are having suicidal thoughts. With two new poems, "The Living Word" and "Blood of Jesus", this book of spiritual poetry will make an impact on the lives of those who read it.

Religion & Spirituality
22 June
Mack Moore

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