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Core Image is a powerful framework offering image processing and analysis for both iOS and OS X. It offers Swift developers a simple API to a wide range of image based effects. 

Core Image for Swift is a comprehensive guide to Core Image for iOS Swift developers. It covers all areas of working with Core Image for processing still images

The chapters are: 

Introducing Core Image

Core Image Filters in Detail A detailed look at Core Image filters with descriptions of their categories and examples of filter use.

Displaying Filtered Images Looks at different approaches for displaying Core Image output and covers UIImageView, using OpenGL with GLKView and using Metal with MTKView.

Convolution Filters Looks in detail at convolution filters and their effects. 

Custom Composite Filters Looks at creating new filters with composites of existing built-in filters

Custom Filters with Core Image Kernel Looks at writing filters from scratch with Core Image Kernel Language

Color Kernels A detailed look at CIColorKernel

Warp Kernels A detailed look at CIWarpKernel

General Kernels A detailed look at CIKernel

Advanced Kernels Discusses advanced kernels for creating fluid dynamic and reaction diffusion systems

Custom Filters with Metal Discusses wrapping Metal compute shaders in a Core Image filter to create effects impossible with CIKernels

ModelIO Based GeneratorsDiscusses using ModelIO’s texture generation tools to create unique imagery such as procedural skies and smooth, color noise for use with Core Image 

Working with vImageDiscusses using Accelerate / vImage in conjunction with Core Image to implement histogram and morphology operations which aren't included as part of Core Image.

All chapters are accompanied by fully documented open source Swift projects.

February 26
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Customer Reviews

@TwoStraws ,

Instantly applicable

Gladman takes a smart approach early on, and follows it through right to the end: here’s a picture or video that demonstrates a cool, useful, or quirky effect, here’s how it needs to be built in theory, and here’s the code to make it happen. It means you can browse through the pages until you find something that jumps out at you, read through his careful explanation of how it can be achieved, then immediately start using his code to apply it all to your own project.

Once you’ve implemented a couple of his examples, it’s a huge amount of fun to go back and start toying with them or even combining them to get all new results. By the end you feel not only that you’ve pushed Core Image to its limits, but you really know what makes it tick underneath. Highly recommended.

Rafsannazmul ,

Awesome book

Awesome book... great help for developers

jonhocking ,

Excellent and in depth

This book is incredibly thorough and explains what’s going on under the hood while at the same time making it accessible for those who don’t write GPU code day to day.

Neil Horton should read this book.