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Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Guide is a no-nonsense manual filled with practical information and methods for staying safe, secure, and sane during the COVID-19 catastrophe. It’s ten chapters cover how to thrive physically, financially, and even emotionally. You’ll discover:
•What you need to have in your house to prepare for hard times, avoid sickness, and handle minor medical emergencies
•How to quickly and easily overcome feelings of fear, anxiety, and depression, as well as how to regain a sense of control no matter what is happening in the
•Ways to deal with tumbling financial markets, fear about your money situation, and how to make additional money in light of the loss of a job or income
•Simple ways to connect deeply with friends and family, your sense of purpose, and even a sense of contentment during these difficult times

With the spread of COVID-19, the world has changed, and we must learn to adapt to a new landscape with new priorities and rules. The information in this book could save your life, or the life of a loved one. With over 100 powerful and practical ideas and methods, there’s something here for everyone who has been impacted by the virus. In the chapters that deal with physical preparation, you’ll learn:

* Exactly what you need to have in your household to be safe and secure in case you get sick or are quarantined.
* Simple and proven ways to boost your immune system so that you have a better chance of not getting sick, or if you do get sick, recovering quickly
* Ways to overcome stress that are fast, easy and highly effective so your body remains strong and healthy

You’ll also learn how to thrive in your relationships, your feelings, and your sense of purpose during this time of disruption. In the chapters that deal with emotions, you’ll discover:
•How to easily overcome feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and even depression
•Ways to stay highly motivated to get on top of all the things you need to do
•Methods for tapping into inner peace and connecting deeply with friends and family even if you are home alone

And you’ll also understand how to effectively handle your financial worries and unique money situation. In the chapters on money, you’ll learn:
•Smart ways to make more money, even if your normal sense of income has disappeared
•What to do during financial market upheaval with your investments that will likely lead to the best outcome
•How to overcome money fears and tap into feelings of gratitude for what you do have
•Ways to set, achieve and stay motivated to reach new goals based on your new priorities.

Health & Well-Being
March 31
Jonathan Robinson

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