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Book 3: Spunky Bumpkin

In a small country town, justice might be swift…but rumor is swifter!

My name is Joey and I’m just a simple country girl. Nothing special at all. Well, except for the fact that I tend to find bodies all over the place. But aside from that I’m just like everybody else. 

Oh, then there’s that really big secret in my past. The one that involves my parents dying in a fiery crash and me finding out that the person who caused their deaths might be after me too. 

But none of that matters right now. What matters is that I have a problem. My friend, Deputy Arno Willager just arrested his mom for murder. 

He’s devastated. And to make his problems worse, his mom’s beloved elderly dog is in bad shape. Yeah, long story, we’ll get into that later.

Arno’s mom…well…unfortunately she can’t remember a thing. So Hal and I─oh, Hal’s my boyfriend and he’s a PI─are trying to help Arno figure out who killed the troublemaker his mom was standing over with a bloody knife. Yeah, it’s quite a mess. 

But with the help of my best friend Caphy (my Pitbull) and Hal, I’m pretty sure we can suss out a killer. 

After all, we’ve done it a few times already!

Book 4: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Bumpkin

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Bumpkin, died a very shiny death…

Rudy-Bob Hortmann has never quite gotten the hang of making friends. He doesn’t much like peopling, mostly preferring the company of his pot-bellied pig, Ethel Squeaks to humanoid types. But there’s one exception. Rudy-Bob loves kids. So for Christmas every year he gives himself a present. He plays Santa at the annual Deer Hollow Christmas party. Only this year, Rudy-Bob doesn’t make it out of the Santa suit when the Pageant is done. Instead, Deputy Sheriff Arno Willager finds Rudy-Bob literally chillin’ in a snowbank, his bulbous nose flashing red through the snow. 

That’s where I come into the picture. I’m Joey Fulle, and I’m pretty good at finding bodies around my place on the outskirts of Deer Hollow. I didn’t actually find this one, of course. But I’m fully invested in locating his killer. ’Cause, with the help of my handsome PI boyfriend Hal, my sweet and goofy Pitbull Caphy, and my opinionated Siamese cat, LaLee, I’m also pretty good at finding killers. Sometimes, even before they find me…  

Book 5: Unlucky Bumpkin

She's just a country girl who loves her dog…and her cat…and her pig. But protecting them from a killer might suck the sweet right out of her bucolic little world. 

Lance Lucklin has always had the luck of the Irish, though he’s about as far from Irish as you can get. It is, after all, how he got his nickname, Lucky Lucklin. But it appears that his luck has run out in a big way. That’s putting it mildly, I guess. Since Lucky just turned up dead, hanging from a tool hook at my family’s auction business. 

Was Lucky’s death meant as a warning for me? Could this mean the return of an old villain? Will Hal and I be called on to help the local Deer Hollow police find a killer?

In the end, luck probably won’t have much to do with the outcome. Luck can be made. And as death stalks the people I love, I’m fully prepared to force the hand of fate and create my own luck. Or die trying. 

Crime & Thrillers
January 7
Electric Prose Publications

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