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The second book in the Jack Parlabane series, from author Christopher Brookmyre.

The murder of a media moghul in his country mansion appears to be the result of him disturbing a gang of would-be thieves. The robbers are swiftly caught, but when they are unexpectedly moved to a different prison they escape. Back in Edinburgh, a young solicitor reveals to the press that one of the subjects had left a letter with her some time before the break-in which proves his innocence. Jack Parlabane, journo-extraordinaire, is intrigued, but when he approaches the lawyer he discovers someone else is trying to get near her - someone with evil intent, political connections of the highest order and a corrupt agenda.

Fast-moving, blackly humorous and intriguingly credible.

Crime & Thrillers
June 16
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

Badge52 ,

Simply the best

Best of Brookmyres work to date. Brings together all the disparate elements required to give a story body, depth, excitement, unanswered questions and a very pleasing resolution. I have travelled the world for many years and traditionally always had a couple of Brookmyres with me. I now have them all with me all the time, but this is his best by a country mile. Spammy must appear again sometime. please!

Backpacker John ,

Brookmyre's worst?

About 20 pages of story and a whole lot of filler. I wish the off-topic rants mentioned by other reviewers had materialised. At least they might have been interesting.

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