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<p>Crave for Pleasure is a ten-part interracial erotica story by author Eric Resher. Brandy is a white college student, determined to do something with her life and prove her mother wrong. She takes a job as a nanny for a wealthy black family. Brandy and Buck, the husband, form an immediate attraction. Things progress, and the two eventually get married. What follows is a delightfully naughty tale featuring almost every type of sex act imaginable. Follow this adventurous couple on a wild, sex-filled ride.

Brandy&rsquo;s Hook Up
Brandy has spent her entire life listening to her mother&rsquo;s old ways. When Brandy finds a job as a nanny in a rich neighborhood, she never expected she&rsquo;d be working for a black family. One accusation Brandy could never prove her mother wrong on was her craving to experience a well-hung black man.

Playing Cards For Brandy
Brandy, now married to Buck starts watching interracial porn with her new husband. Her husband is just as excited as she is. They both share a fantasy they decide to make their own personal interracial movie.

Brandy's Bubble Bath Adventure
Brandy is three months pregnant with their child. Her pregnancy is not holding back her sex life one bit. It seems that Buck is even hotter for his wife Brandy than ever before.

Brandy&rsquo;s Bachelorette-Maternity Party
Brandy is four months pregnant and is still loving how her body is changing, but that her sex drive isn&rsquo;t. Buck goes to Cancun Mexico on a big account. Brandy doesn&rsquo;t want to spend the night alone, so she decides to call a woman she met while shopping. Heidi invites the lonely Brandy over for her belated Bachelorette Party complete with toys and a whole group of friendly strangers.

Brandy's Birthday Surprise Party
Brandy is five months pregnant. Following her adventure at Heidi&rsquo;s party, she starts to feel guilt for not telling Buck she went to Heidi's Male Stripper Maternity-Belated Bachelorette Party for her and the naughty things she did.

Brandy&rsquo;s Fury
Brandy is now six months pregnant and furious with Buck, her husband. Buck slept with his birthday surprise girl, Heidi, without any feeling of guilt. How can she fix this and will it have an adverse affect on their marriage?

Brandy&rsquo;s Second A**l Adventure
Brandy is now seven months pregnant. She is busily planning a matchmaking party between her and Buck&rsquo;s friends. She also realizes that she misses her mother. She knows that her mother once had a black lover of her own. She thinks that one way to help her mother find happiness is to find her some romance.

Brandy And The Nudist Camp
Brandy is now eight months pregnant. Having made up with Buck, she decides now to attend a Nudist Colony In addition to making these plans as yet another surprise for her husband, she is also planning to surprise her mother by reuniting her with her long-lost love, Leonard.

Brandy&rsquo;s Sex Tape
Brandy is almost nine months pregnant. Time is running out for her to have pregnant sex. While at the nudist colony, Brandy gets a message about her mother attending her match-making party. Brandy is so excited that they cut their trip short so they can go home and prepare for the party.

Brandy&rsquo;s Match-Maker Party
Brandy is nine months pregnant during her Match-Maker&rsquo;s Party given for her best friends. Everyone is having a great time, and everyone knows the rules. Just as she expected, Brandy&rsquo;s friends pair up nicely with Buck&rsquo;s. But there is still one more surprise guest yet to arrive.</p>

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April 21

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