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The gripping new novel from New York Times bestselling author of psychological suspense, Lisa Unger.

Falling in love can feel like a dream…or a living nightmare.

Ian and Priss have been friends since they were children playing in the woods outside their small town. But Ian knows there's a darkness to Priss. Bad stuff seems to occur when she's around. Fires start. People die.

Still, Priss is his best friend, and best friends are forever.

Now that they've both escaped to New York City, Ian wants nothing more than to leave his troubled past behind him. Especially when he meets sweet, beautiful Megan, who makes him want to change for the better.

But Priss doesn't like change. Change makes her angry. And when Priss is angry, terrible things begin to happen…

Praise for Lisa Unger

'A haunting, compulsive tale that will have you under its spell long after you've closed the book' Tess Gerritsen

'Lisa Unger's writing is slick and taut and had me turning pages faster than my fingers would allow. Her exploration of the character's backgrounds added depth to an already fantastically told story. Lisa has a new fan and I can't wait to read whatever else she has to offer' Jenny Blackhurst

'Riveting psychological suspense of the first order. If you haven't yet experienced Lisa Unger, what are you waiting for?' Harlan Coben

'Lisa Unger is one of my favourite authors. She gets better and better with each book' Karin Slaughter

'Suspenseful, sensitive, sexy, subtle … The best nail-biter I have read for ages. Highly recommended' Lee Child

'Deeply plotted and complex and carries an undeniable momentum. Lisa Unger's enthralling cast of characters pulled me right in and locked me down tight. This is one book that will have you racing to the last page, only to have you wishing the ride wasn't over' Michael Connelly

'I have just devoured Crazy Love You, which is a really terrific read. The whole thing is wonderfully played out. Gripping' Sabine Durrant

'Crazy Love You is a mesmerising contemporary Jekyll & Hyde narrated by an anti-hero who is angry, clever, sly and endearingly human' Isabelle Grey

'Lisa Unger is a spellbinding storyteller. Crazy Love You is a New York fairy tale gone wrong, events unravelling at a hectic pace. The story of obsessive love and revenge is full of dramatic twists, Unger's voice so fresh and compelling that the characters lingered long after I put the book down' Kate Rhodes

'Unger is a master of her craft. Every character is vivid; the emotion almost visceral at times. The world behind her protagonist's eyes is beautifully depicted, while the writhing plot flicks seamlessly between the real and the imagined. Don't miss this one, whatever you do' Alastair Gunn

'Mesmerizing and unnerving from its first pages to its stunner of an ending, Lisa Unger's Crazy Love You is a tale you won't soon forget' Megan Abbott

'A stunning, mind-bending shocker with moments of sheer terror - one of the best thrillers I've read this year!' Tess Gerritsen

'A tense exploration of what lies beneath the white picket fence of ordinary life. Harlan Coben has a new rival for his thriller crown' John Connolly

Fiction & Literature
July 30
Simon & Schuster UK

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