Create Magical Worlds with Your Imagination

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Create Magical Worlds with Your Imagination is a magical guide that will teach you how you can harness your imagination to create real worlds where you can be fully immersed in and be active. It is a real world of magic and witchcraft, where nothing is impossible, and only the power of magic is everlasting and true. 

Create Magical Worlds with Your Imagination will also show you a way to awaken the inner power, the inner witch, and allow you to become a more effective and powerful sorcerer. By learning to harness the imaginative power, you can wield a power so strong that you can impose your will upon the world — where the present reality shall be yours. 

If you have been practicing magic for some time, you will notice that so many magical techniques and rituals require the skillful application of the imagination. The reason for this is that the imagination is the key power that will allow you to connect the invisible and the visible worlds, as well as harness the energies of the universe in accordance with your will. 

"The mind is all. The whole universe is a mental creation." This is an ancient teaching that is followed today by many occult groups and sciences. With your mind, you can experience a magic so great and powerful that it could be so intense that it could change who you are. The way to engage in this kind of intimate magic is through the active and magical use of the imagination. As my master once told me, the imagination is actually a magical confession: i-mage. It is a declaration of one's magical self. However, only he who knows how to make magical use of the imagination and actually engage in its practice can harness the imagination and create magical changes in reality. This is the way of magic, and such is the way of the true magus. 

Create Magical Worlds with Your Imagination is a magical book for beginners, as well as for those who want to further explore the powers of their mind. Through the right use of the imagination, you can access worlds and realms that would otherwise be unknown to you. Needless to say, this is a perfect way to engage in the magical craft and go deep into it. It is just a matter of actually practicing it regularly and allowing yourself to immerse in the magical universe. 

Now is the time for you to learn the ins and outs of the magical use of the imagination. Learn the essential teachings and the techniques that will turn you into a real and powerful magus. Experience magic at its finest on a personal and intimate level. This magic is yours!

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8 February

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