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Learn how to take breathtaking photos with a crystal ball!

You see fascinating pictures of glass balls on the internet and on social media again and again?

You wonder if you would be able to shoot such spectacular photos yourself?

Don't worry, it's surprisingly easy to take beautiful crystal ball shots, if you know what to be aware of!

The travel photographer, Stefan Lenz, explains in this book everything you need to know about crystal ball photography in order to enable you to take great pictures yourself!

Among other things you will find the answers to the following questions:

★ What do I need to consider when buying a crystal ball?
★ Which camera do I need and which settings do I have to use?
★ Which subjects and scenes are best suited?
★ How do I maintain, clean, store and transport a crystal ball?
★ How important is post-processing and which programs should I use?

You will also learn the basic optical characteristics of crystal balls. Furthermore you will get inspiration and creative ideas as well as some tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes right from the start.

✪ In the BONUS CHAPTER from the book "Crystal Ball Inspiration" you will learn how to create true photographic pieces of art with your glass ball at home in 8 simple steps!

This compact guide will make it incredibly easy for you to get started in the world of crystal ball photography, so that you will soon be able to proudly present your own impressive crystal ball shots!

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March 29
Stefan Lenz

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