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This book is written for all those lost souls who are stuck in the darkness of Meth addiction. Meth Addiction is one of the major leading problems in this society and is an issue many people are struggling with. This book sheds light on Crystal Meth addiction and contain numerous unknown facts about this drug. By reading this book you will learn useful and lifesaving information about this addiction. If you are an abuser, you will learn about the extensive damage this drug does to the body. In the difficult times of your life you might think that this drug is the solution to your problems, but in actuality it only adds more problems.
      Have you been trying to quit or finding it hard to make up your mind to quit? Do you want to learn more about this drug? Do you want to know how this drug works and the damage it does to your brain? Do you want to know how you can help a loved one who is using? This book provides tips, information, facts about the addiction, how to better cope, along with advice on treatments, and the best methods for the road to total recovery. By reading this book you will find crucial information about crystal meth addiction:
Some important information you will find in this book:

•    History of Crystal Meth
•    Why it is so Addictive?
•    Its impact on mind and body
•    Facts about Meth Addiction
•    The stages of Meth Experiences

Health & Well-Being
August 17
Alex Andrews

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Tahirsaleem ,

Crystal meth a complete overview

This book is a joke.
It's like a pamphlet
Very simple basic information and a complete waste of money

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