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The last human being who attained absolute Knowledge or full enlightenment on this earth of ours more than 2600 years ago. His name is Lord Mahavira. In His omniscience, is revealed the Presence of a current living Lord who too is fully omniscient. He is not present here in this world of ours but exists in another world similar to ours called Mahavideh. His name is Simandhar Swami. Absolute enlightenment can only happen in the live presence of a fully enlightened One.

Gnani or Jnani is the One who has known, is in the experience of, the eternal Self. Purush means the Self. Akram Vignan means means that which is attained without doing anything, and the science behind this. A gentleman by the name of Ambalal M. Patel became a Gnani Purush in June 1958. This happened spontaneously within him. The absolute light of the Self prevailed in him from that time. In that state of the absolute Self, he became the instrument for the salvation of the world. The words that came out through his medium, have become words that are now liberating hundreds of thousands of human beings who were seeking meaningful solutions for their pains. These satsang sessions of the Gnani Purush happened in Gujarati and were carefully preserved and are presented as they are, in many different languages. They are all in the form of questions and answers from Gnani Purush Dadashri.

Gnani Purush Dadashri had connection with the Current Living Lord, Shri Simandhar Swami. What is a fully enlightened human being like? This is beautifully revealed in this book of Lord Simandhar Swami in the words of Gnani Purush Dadashri. This book has been carefully compiled by Dr. Niruben Amin, who too had a special connection with Lord Simandhar Swami.

The current era of the time cycle is such that a fully enlightened Being, a Tirthankara is not present in this world of ours. This is going to be the state in the times to come. However, the Gnani Purush reveals a way for human beings to be in the vicinity of a Tirthankara. The details are in the book.

A Tirthankara has the supreme energies to liberate countless human beings eternally. For this one has to meet a Tirthankara. The Current Living Lord, Lord Simandhar is one such human being. His energies and love are in abundant effect for seekers of liberation of this earth of ours. He has a special connection with this earth of ours. All of this is understood slowly after one realizes the Self here on this earth through the grace of the Gnani Purush.

The Current Living Lord is vitarag. It means that he is absolutely free from any trace of attachment or abhorrence. Such a state is the highest result of absolute Knowledge. Such a State is the exact catalyst for Liberation of millions of human beings.

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May 12
Shuddha Anami

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