Daddy's Best Man (Taboo Gay Father-of-the-Bride Erotica‪)‬

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Publisher Description

DADDY'S BEST MAN is a sensual tale featuring delicious descriptions of domination by an older man, swallowing loads, a**l and oral sex, light bondage, and not-so-forbidden lust.

3339 Words.


Eric undid the final button on Kevin’s shirt and slid his hands inside to cup Kevin’s muscular pecs. “I think you should leave the shirt on,” Eric purred into Kevin’s ear. “These pants have to go, though.”

Kevin nodded as he continued to kiss and bite at Eric’s neck.

Eric quickly opened and unzipped Kevin’s slacks and pushed them to his ankles. Another quick tug and the blue briefs followed, releasing Kevin’s pulsing, uncut cock from its cage. The tip glistened with precum and Eric wrapped his hand around the shaft and used the foreskin to slowly tease Kevin’s head. Kevin moaned into Eric’s neck and pulled away to stare into Eric.

“Take off the rest of your clothes, Eric,” Kevin ordered. “I want to see your entire body.”

Eric nodded and released Kevin’s dick. He shrugged out of his shirt and flung it to the corner of the room before stepping out of his shoes. He kicked these to the side and hurriedly pulled his pants and underwear down together and stepped out of them.

Kevin was clearly enjoying the show. He grasped his member with one hand and began pumping as he paid careful attention to each of Eric’s movements.

Eric dropped his pants and boxer briefs in a puddle at his feet and quickly pulled off his socks. He stood completely naked in front of Kevin as Kevin nodded and drunk in every inch of Eric’s toned, smoothness. “You look good nude, Eric. I like it.”

Eric’s own meat stood at attention against his abdomen. He ached for Kevin to touch it but Kevin took a few more moments to slide his foreskin back and forth across his glans and hungrily eye Eric up and down.

Kevin stepped out of his shoes and pants and pulled off his own socks. “Lie down on the bed, Eric.”

Fiction & Literature
7 September
Jacki Toff

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