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According to God’s Word, we as believers are to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. How are we to do that? Dennis Jernigan believes that this journey of searching for the kingdom of God begins by first seeking the King of that kingdom. - Jesus Christ. Relationship with Jesus, intimate relationship, is the key to unlocking the door to Christ’s kingdom.

Jesus taught His disciples to pray for God’s kingdom to come in their lives. What would God’s kingdom look like if applied to your family? Your job and finances? Your outlook on life? Your ability to forgive? Your ability to receive God’s love?

The key to abundant life is learning to see one’s life from the King’s point of view. From that magnificent vantage point one can see how the King can take our greatest failures - what the enemy meant for evil - and use them for our own good and for His glory. This book is designed to help you seek the kingdom by seeking the King. Learn to be an overcomer. Learn to be a giant killer. But above all, learn to find the joy of abundant life as you explore the farthest reaches of the kingdom of God.

Known primarily for his worship music with songs like You Are My All In All, Thank You, We Will Worship The Lamb of Glory, and Who Can Satisfy My Soul (There is a Fountain), Dennis Jernigan is also known for having walked away from his former homosexual identity and into that of a heterosexual. Married for 34 years to Melinda, they have nine children and make their home in Muskogee, Oklahoma where they are now welcoming grandchildren. Having been walking in freedom from his old identity since November 7, 1981, Jernigan takes great joy in sharing the grace and love of God with any who desire freedom in their own lives. DJ spends a great deal of time encouraging others to embrace their true identity in Christ. This daily devotional is a complemented by Dennis's album, Kingdom Come.

Religion & Spirituality
December 30
Shepherd’s Heart Music, Inc.

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