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Have you filled out an online dating profile only to be frustrated you aren't getting any messages?

Are you a nice guy tired of wasting his time and money on a few crummy dates that never seem to go anywhere?

Would you like to have hundreds or even thousands of messages flooding your inbox and more dates than you can handle?

If you said yes to any of the questions above this is the guide for you!

I take you step-by-step through the online dating process from setting up your master profile to applying the powerful (and shocking) texting techniques I've personally used to attract beautiful women and get a ton of dates.

Inside you will discover the secret methods the always-in-demand Alpha male daters have used to increase messages, increase dates, and YOU can use to turn your online dating profile into a red-hot women magnet today!


* Get two of my Top dating profiles THAT ACTUALLY WORK! (Irresistible words she will be helplessly drawn to. So easy, it's like cheating.)

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* If you were ever remotely interested in having a different girlfriend each day of the week then this is your new "secret weapon"...learn this and it will practically guarantee you'll never be stuck at home alone EVER again. (It's like a crash course in internet dating for dummies.)

* Quick! Do you know how to read her dating code? Identify what she's really saying with these devastatingly simple tips to guarantee your success today!

* The truth about Tinder. Should you use the "sex" app?

* How - and WHY - you're wasting your time trying to find your "perfect match". (The astonishing romantic advantage that regular guys possess...but almost never use!)

* Why the wrong texting techniques will actually force her to ignore you...even if she's attracted to you! If you don't do this one thing you will fail, no matter how many other things you get right. Don't make this easy to avoid mistake!

In addition to:

* "HELP!" I'm over 50. Is it too late for me to hook up with a beautiful woman in her 20's? (The no nonsense answer within. Plus: What you MUST learn to adapt to when it comes to online dating for men over 50 if you want the most fit, adventurous, and down-for-anything girls who will keep your dating life white hot.)

* Online dating is all about telling her about you, right? Wrong! (Find out why creating a "dating resume" is the WORST possible approach you can take.)

* Do you know the 3 most overlooked ways to find beautiful women the other guys missed? (A deceptively simple way to rapidly hooking up with the hidden hotties they only wish they could get. Warning: it will dramatically increase the amount of attention you get from women!)

* A smoking hot girl from class just sent you a friend request. Should you add her? Find out!

* Use this powerful "jaw dropping" technique that makes her desperately want to be with you BEFORE she even meets you! (Do this right and you'll never be sleeping alone again.)

* Learn the best site for dating a cougar, tips on avoiding online dating disasters, advice for finding your best photo, as well as the 3 best messages to send for massive texting success. Plus the perfect username and much, much more!

Don't waste yet another day browsing profile pictures of beautiful women who seem forever out of reach. Order now!

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