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The acclaimed military thriller of the zombie apocalypse from the author of Day by Day Armageddon and Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile!

In a desperate bid to take back the continental United States—where hordes of undead now dominate the ravaged human population—a Navy commander leads a global mission to the heart of the pandemic. Task Force Hourglass is humanity’s final hope, and his team’s agonizing decisions could mean living one more day—or surrendering to the eternal hell that exists between life and death.

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December 26
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Customer Reviews

Ghost2709 ,

Best yet!

This man is up there with the likes of Koontz, King and Herbert. He gives such insight into the world or a military officer but also terrifies with the story of the walking dead! So well written, as the first two books were but exceeds them both for sheer terrifying page turning thrills. I wish I was years ahead so I could read his back catalogue. As it is, I was counting the days until December 26th, for this book! Just for the record, I was told to read world war z and if I liked it, then to read these. This is far better than world war z! I honestly didn't want to read zombie books, but thanks to Mr Bourne, I am very very addicted! Cannot wait for more from this author.

Mohawksix ,

Not impressed

Completely different style of book to the first two in this series- no longer has the same feeling of being in the apocalypse with the main character. Sadly another generic bunch of cack, I expected more Bourne!!!

MrTjgale ,

A must read for any Day by Day fans!!

I was a bit sceptical about how he ended the last book. But he pulled it off in this one. There's a decent amount of army/government/human and personal elements to the book. It is very different in its style to the others. This is not in diary form. But in third person to various people's stories all told overlapping one another. BUT it is done really well and didn't put me off. I didn't put it down and finished it on my day off work. And I shall be reading it again soon no doubt! And the ending is beautifully done........... Basically what happens is.................................................... Nah, I wouldn't do that! ;)

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