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I'm in desperate need of James Butler's help. There's one issue—he's my ex. The last time I saw him, I told him, "I never want to see your crazy a** again." But he is one of the best lawyers in town, and I know he can help with my poor dad's lawsuit problem. 

To my surprise, when I go to James, he is willing to help me. I offer him money in exchange, but he doesn't want cash. Instead, he wants me. Specifically, he wants me in his bed...

***The third standalone book in the OTT Enterprises series featuring alpha male businessmen and the women they want to make theirs.***



James stands up and grabs my arm. "Just tell me what you need. You wouldn't have come to me if you had other options."

The jerk is right. "My dad's getting sued," I say. "As you know, we don't have much money. I contacted you because I hoped you would be his lawyer. Obviously, we can't afford to pay you at your regular rates, but we can give you some money and we'll throw in free dry cleaning for the rest of your life. If you want me to go on my knees and beg, I'll do it and whatever else you want me to do."

To my relief, he doesn't laugh in my face and say, "Absolutely not. Get the hell out of my office." His green eyes look into mine. "You'll do whatever I want you to do?"

I nod. "Anything."

"Tell you what," he says. "I'll help your dad for free."

I exhale. "Thank you. But let us give you some money—"

"I make six figures a year. I don't need your money."

"What do you want then?" A heavy ball of dread forms in my stomach. Is he going to make me do something humiliating like clean his apartment in a skimpy French maid costume? My ex wouldn't be above that.

He draws me to him till our bodies are a mere inch away from touching. "I want you in my bed."

I narrow my eyes. "Jesus, you're a slime-ball."

"Well, I am a corporate lawyer."

Fiction & Literature
August 12
Isla Chiu

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wilts21 ,

Short but easy to read

This is about a love/hate relationship. It’s a short book but the story is good. Enjoyed reading it.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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