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This is book 1 of the Black Aces MC romance series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

She’s about to die in my arms – night after night after night.

No one lies to a biker and lives to tell about it.

Not unless they’re eager to die.

Janessa got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And I’m the man who’s about to extract a very steep price for her mistakes.


I’m quiet by nature. A good girl at heart.

But the harsh world I grew up in forced me to get tough and get smart – or die trying.

My father did his best, but he didn’t make it.

He ended up buried in debt to an outlaw motorcycle club, the Black Aces MC.

And the Aces are not the kind of men you want to owe money.

Somehow, he paid it off.

But by the time he did, they didn’t just want their debts fulfilled.

They wanted interest…

Blood interest.

And my father’s life was the only payment they’d accept.

Now, I find myself in the Aces’ employ.

With a hidden thirst for vengeance after what they did to my family.

But Damian sees right through my façade.

When he gets me alone, he’s going to punish me for every lie I told to get here.

And what’s worse is…

I know that I’m going to love it.


I had to hand it to her – the girl had balls of steel.

But coming here was a very stupid mistake.

She’s in the lions’ den now, looking like a snack…

And I’m the hungriest monster in this cage.

For one brief moment, she thought she’d gotten the revenge she came here for.

Then I forced her to her knees, and she realized she was very wrong indeed.

This is a biker’s world, darling.

And you’re about to become a biker’s toy.

Coming into my grasp was a death wish.


A tragedy brought her into the biker’s bed… but only a miracle can bring her out. From bestselling motorcycle club romance author Zoey Parker comes a dark romance brimming with mind-blowing sex, forbidden love and so much heat that your heart might melt. You’ll fall in love with this alpha male MC bad boy and the innocent girl delivered to his doorstep. It’s a romance love story for the ages – and if you love dark motorcycle club romance series, then you won’t want to miss DEATH WISH.

October 26
Sopris Page Press

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