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DECEPTION, book THREE of FIVE in Aleatha Romig's INFIDELITY series.

"Infidelity - it isn't what you think"

It all began in Del Mar, a chance meeting with a single rule--one week only.

Or did it?

Lennox ‘Nox’ Demetri and Alexandria ‘Charli’ Collins had every intention of following their agreement but rules are made to be broken. In CUNNING they are reunited with Nox setting down new rules for the game and Charli having no choice but to follow them. 

Now, once again, the game has changed. Nox and Charli’s hot sensual encounter has grown into something more but it is threatened with secrets and regrets. Is it their love and intense sexual chemistry that’s pushing them together or something darker, a puppetmaster behind the scenes pulling the strings on their love affair? 

Shadowy villains lurk around each corner and everyone is suspect as Nox’s and Charli's pasts collide with the present and threaten to compel them back to their predestined fates. 

Can deals brokered in the past be negated by something as pure as love and as steamy as the attraction shared by Nox and Charli? Or was it all a deception—starting with that very first meeting?

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a sexy, new dominant hero who knows what he wants and a strong-willed heroine who has plans of her own. With classic Aleatha Romig twists and turns, the depth of this epic romantic suspense continues to reach new levels as past and present intertwine. The Infidelity series will have readers swooning one minute and screaming the next. 

Have you been Aleatha'd?

DECEPTION is a full-length novel, over 300 pages, and the third of five books in the INFIDELITY series - It isn't what you think!

(This series is not about nor does it advocate or condone cheating)

May 3
Romig Works LLC

Customer Reviews

Jcdctc ,

Fab read

I love this series. Found this book slightly slower but I will get the next one as I need to know more 😍

Lisahers ,

Deception at its greatest

No, no, no, no, no September is coming soon, right?

What an tangled web Mrs. Romig is weaving with this tale of Infidelity Series, which is half/just over with two books to come. Infidelity isn't always about cheating on a lover or loved one, it can mean Deception by using Cunning means and use many Betrayals. " Infidelity - It isn't what you think"

So, we delve further into this web of this series and just like pray we are caught in Mrs. Romig's web. After the last bombshell of a cliffhanger what would happen, well this again left us with more questions, just when you think you've unraveled one piece, another hits you and you are left saying no,I need and want more.

So Charli (Alex) and Nox are able to work things out and in doing so making their relationship stronger, hotter,and better,learning some of their past secrets while building a trustful relationship. However, it's never easy when you've got outside influences trying to force them apart.

Charli, is learning how to be loved and love freely in return after surviving the horror of her childhood, while Nox is still trying to elevate his guilt over his ex wives death, when they both realise the want, need to trust each.

"But you see, I don't want any woman. I want the woman who takes my breath away on a daily basis".

This one one is when you get a bit of back story from both Charli's mother and Nox's father, which at times leave you speechless as another twist unfolds in this brilliant series, throughout the series you feel the upmost hatred toward Adelaide, Charli's mother,and husband Alton Fitzgerard. With his plans for Charli's plans to marry Bryce faltering he uses his trump card that leaves us on another edge of the seat cliffhanger.

This series is like a perfect drama series, that has a bit of everything and each cliffhanger is better than the last, I just hope that what happened at the end doesn't come to fruition in Entrapment, which has me thinking "Don't wish away your today's thinking about tomorrow". I literally cant help it because I want September to be tomorrow so I can be in Entrapment with Charli and Nox and the rest, in this amazing series that's a brilliant ride of Infidelity.

I was given this book in return for my honest opinion.

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