Decluttering and Organizing: 14 Zen Habits and 5 Organizing Hacks To Declutter Your Home and Life

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Publisher Description

A lot of people wonder why despite their wealth and availability of all the things they need in life they are yet to achieve an easy but happy life. Many would reason that happiness does not lie in money while others would argue it is all in people’s inability to determine what is really important in life. This implies that most of the things they buy and try to find happiness from are not the right options for an easy but happy life. These sentiments are true but not applicable to all people’s lives.

There is one important life aspect and fact that most people miss. Organization – people have a lot of clutter and are not organized. There is nothing wrong with owning all the cool gadgets, the best rides, the beautifully made and decorated home as well as the best paying job. All these are great contributors to happiness. However, all these things reach a point whereby they become too much. Having plenty of something becomes a hindrance at some point in life as it affects how effective you carry out your roles and responsibilities, how you manage your time as well as how your mind stays clears so that you are optimally productive.

The road to a decluttered organized life is hard but with the right ideas and tools it becomes really exciting. With this book, Zen-Decluttering and Organizing you are sure to achieve the life you envision;A life with little yet enough leading to a productive and happier life.

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31 October
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