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Could this be the worst job interview in the entire history of the universe? Possibly. So when Elton D Philpotts lands his dream Space Corps accountancy job he can’t help wondering how it happened. And why.

Somebody in the Space Corps needs him, and they need him bad.

But the work is dull; nothing like the glamour job he expected. Until he sees things he should not have seen: A hidden ledger, dodgy accounting transactions, bogus gate receipts.

And when a whole starship disappears, who are they going to blame?

A frantic race across the Sphere of Influence takes Elton and his hapless band of followers into adventure and dangers none of them could ever have imagined.

Deep Space Accountant is the first book in the forthcoming Sphere of Influence series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 7
Mike Wood

Customer Reviews

JimJ@Wigan ,

Surprisingly good

I was not expecting anything this good because
1: It was free.
2: It was by a real Chartered Management Accountant about a passed finalist accountant hoping to become a member of a fictitious accountancy institute.
3: I couldn’t imagine how combining sci-fi and accountancy in a literary form could work.
4: M j k e, what a silly first name for an author.
After the first few pages I was hooked.
The characters developed well.
Setting the initial location in a future “BritishSector” instead of the usual Americanised notion of a space colony was welcome.
As a proper accountant myself, the descriptions, of the after work antics and the pressures and frustrations of accountants at work, were very inciteful.
The plot then progressed well, with enough clues to allow the reader to feel smart by predicting what happens next some of the time; however at other times the twists in the plot were unexpected.The “science” was almost believable.
My only criticism was the Hollywood style happy ending.
I will be applying to become an ACRA myself , please send me contact details.
(Not an imentor)

Veedubvanfan ,


Beautifully wry and witty, sharply observed, satirical ...worthy of favourable comparison to Douglas Adams.

Jdtingbruv ,


First review whats uppppp its lit famm

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