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New York Times bestselling author of The Reckoning takes readers on an intense and imaginative tour de force in this follow up horror novel to The Descent that plunges in the depths of Earth to a Hell that is real, geological, and savagely inhabited right below our very feet.

A decade has passed since doomed explorers unveiled a nightmare of tunnels and rivers honeycombing the earth’s depths. After millennia of suffering terror and predation, humanity’s armies descended to destroy the ancient hordes. Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, a doomed science expedition killed the subterranean fabled leader, and suddenly, it seemed that evil was dead, and all was right with the world.

Deeper explodes that complacency and plunges readers back into the sunless abyss. Hell boils up through America’s subways and basements to take its revenge and steal our children.

Against the backdrop of a looming war with China, a crusade of volunteers hustles to find the vestiges of a lost race. But a lone explorer, the linguist Ali von Schade, learns that a far greater menace lies in the unexplored heart of the planet.

The real Satan can’t be killed, and he has been waiting since the beginning of time to gain his freedom. Man and his pitiless enemies are mere pawns in the greatest escape ever devised.

Fiction & Literature
21 August
Atria Books

Customer Reviews

Oldnik ,

Deeper (pockets)

Firstly... £11.99 for an iBook ? Come on people!
As for the book, I baulked at paying such an extortionate price for the iBook version, and went old school for a fraction of the cost.

Great to be back in the Hadal's world again, while not quite as gripping as The Descent, it's still a great page turner, and raises the hairs on the back of your neck at times!

Vntyyuii ,


It was a very good book.

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