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The sixth Odd Thomas thriller from the master storyteller. Our reluctant hero is drawn once more into a strange encounter with the lingering dead.

Later that morning, when I walked downtown to buy blue jeans and a few pairs of socks, I met a guy who offered to neuter me with a .45 pistol.

In a sinister encounter with a rogue truck driver, Odd – who has the gift of seeing the dead and the soon-to-be dead – has a disturbing vision of the slaughter of three innocent children.

Across California, into Nevada and back again, Odd embarks on a road chase to prevent the tragedy. But he is to discover that he is not up against a single twisted sociopath but a mysterious network of evil men and women whose resources appear supernatural.

Luckily, in this world that Odd finds so beautiful and full of wonders, and deeply odd as well, he meets a collection of like-minded eccentrics who will help him to take the next giant step towards his destiny.


Praise for the Odd Thomas series:

‘One of his finest books, and Odd himself is a superb character’ Independent

‘Odd Thomas is a page-turner … A read-at-a-sitting novel with a terrific final twist’ Observer

‘Humour, humanity and horror, the classic Koontz concoction’ The Times

Praise for Dean Koontz:

‘Dean Koontz is not just a master of our darkest dreams, but also a literary juggler’ The Times

‘A terrific pursuit story … clever, up-to-the-minute, and riveting’ Guardian

‘There’s surprise after surprise, including a killer finale … a read-in-one-go novel’ Independent on Sunday

‘Psychologically complex, masterly and satisfying’ The New York Times

About the author

Dean Koontz is an international household name whose hugely entertaining stories have been bestsellers in many countries, selling seventeen million copies each year. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he lives with his wife Gerda, and their dog Anna, in southern California.

Crime & Thrillers
March 28

Customer Reviews

Stephen mack79 ,


Another excellent story of the fry cook and his friends more than happy to pay for it as long as D.K keeps them coming

Pammiebumting ,

Deeply Odd

Yet another amazing story about Odd Thomas. Dean Koontz has an amazing way of drawing us once more into Odd's life. The stories just keep getting better. I hope we see more returns to his journey through 'bootcamp'

jackhead303 ,

way to over priced

It's an ebook the price your asking for it is a joke, I love the Odd Thomas books but please don't take the pi€¥ out of your fans by charging such a stupid amount, and people wonder why here's so much pirating? Be reasonable and bring the price down.......

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