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A machine craves a child...

In Demon Seed, Dean Koontz writes a chilling novel of what happens when machines start to take control. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Richard Laymon.

'A master storyteller, sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking, but always riveting' - San Diego Union-Tribune

I was created to have a humanlike capacity for complex and rational thought. And you believed that I might one day evolve consciousness and become a self-aware entity. Yet you gave surprisingly little consideration to the possibility that, subsequent to consciousness, I would develop needs and emotions. This was, however, not merely possible but likely. Inevitable. It was inevitable.

Adam Two is the first self-aware machine intelligence, designed to be the servant to mankind. No one knows that he can to escape the confines of his physical form, a box in the laboratory, until he enters the house of Susan Harris, and closes it off against the world. There he plans to show Susan the future. Their future. He intends to create a 'child'.

What readers are saying about Demon Seed:

'I couldn't put it down; the ending is a great twist'

'I loved it, read it in one sitting and was utterly gripped'

'It is dark, moody, brooding and foreboding'

Crime & Thrillers
November 22

Customer Reviews

BlindJedi 01 ,

Classy, trashy pulp fiction

I saw the 70’s film version of this story first & always liked it. This version was updated a few years ago, to try to keep up with modern tech. It’s a bit short but enjoyable. Don’t bother with the movie version, the visuals you imagine are far better. It would be ripe for a remake in this era of home automation & virtual assistants.

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