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Courtney is easily the shyest most quiet girl on campus, her inability to even speak her mind for fear of offending anyone else making her probably the most submissive girl her roommate Brooke has ever met.

But this was the year Brooke was finally going to break Courtney out of her shell, put an end to the submissive streak by playing a rather elaborately thought up prank on the poor shy girl.

Having thought up each step of the perfect prank, Brooke knows that the both of them wear the same size clothing, even though Courtney's conservative clothes might put a nun to shame for showing too much skin in their habit.

Obviously for her ultimate prank to work out and truly scare some dominance right into the quiet girl, she will need to get Courtney changed into something showing a bit more skin.

It's obvious that Courtney looks great under all she wears, and Brooke read that sometimes a shock or jolt to the system, like a good scare, can shake the personality just enough, spark some action, get some basic dominance to show itself. She just knows after all is said and done, despite the terror she anticipates shaking Courtney up, her roommate will probably be grateful because this will be the night everything changed for the better.

And so the prank is underway, the two of them alone at closing time in the campus library on a crisp October evening. After 'accidentally' spilling some water on the conservative baggy top Courtney wears, Brooke just happens to have a spare in her bag, naturally a tight skimpy top. And of course then there is the story to really spark the elaborate build up to the final steps of this prank Broooke planned.

Explaining that there's a legend of a campus demon, one that rises every sixty-six years to feast on the innocent outside the campus library, Brooke points out the baggy pants Courtney still wears... mentioning how innocent they make her look.

Naturally a girl as submissive and suggestible as Courtney falls right in line and soon she's wearing the skimpiest little pleated skirt ever, definitely no longer looking shy and innocent.

But the real scare is in store, since Brooke's boyfriend went to a place called the Costume Castle, where they have all sorts of costumes, in particular a quite terrifying demon one. Brooke just knows he is waiting outside, ready to scare some dominance into poor Courtney.

Yet what Brooke could never suspect is that the demon costume is a lot more than a mere costume, and her boyfriend might no longer be the same boy once they exit the library.

As the prank plays out well, a quite convincing demon jumping down at the both of them from a tree, Courtney does seem to get some confidence, balling up her fist, instinctively hitting Brooke's costumed boyfriend. However, when Brooke watches the costume eyes blink and realizes her boyfriend has definitely changed, she inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag on her big prank.

Will Courtney show some dominance like never before, angered at what her roommate did to her? Will Brooke's boyfriend truly do some downright demonic things, all at the direction of the one girl who stood up to him... the once shy Courtney?

It's all cruel and unusual, and full of restraints and hellish intentions... it's all about Demonance and Submission when HallowKreme points out the worst thing can be when some pranks work TOO well.

Fiction & Literature
14 October
Kris Kreme

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