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Her work life is a façade, something she does to pay the bills. At her most basic level, Jessica is a slave. She is Caleb’s slave, and she will do whatever he wishes. He has tamed this girl and trained her. She now offers up complete and utter submission. He has taught her to enjoy every punishment, every costume, and every degrading act.

But one day, she asks him how it feels to be dominant and wield complete power over another person. Amused at her curiosity, he offers her a very special treat. Because she has been such a good slave, he wants her to find and recruit her own submissive, a girl that Jessica can train and demean.

After an exhaustive search through pretty much everyone Jessica knows, she finds Raquel. Raquel is smart, beautiful, and arrogant. More importantly, she is very attracted to Caleb. Jessica starts to feel her out and quickly realizes that Raquel would make an ideal slave. Jessica could spank, tease, and humiliate this girl all while her owner watched. Caleb would be very pleased.

Jessica is eager to start Raquel’s training. But when Jessica introduces her prospective slave to Caleb, he makes a slight change to their plans.

Jessica isn’t going to get her own slave. In fact, she is going to become Raquel’s slave. He will own both girls, but Jessica will have to do whatever Raquel says. And this is how her new journey into submission begins.

Raquel is an eager and sadistic trainer. All under Caleb’s firm guidance, she forces Jessica into new levels of submission. From spankings to forced orgasms and cleaning without any clothes, Jessica is forced to serve the girl she had chosen to become her slave. By the end, she has one last chance to turn the tables and get her own slave. If she fails, Caleb will make this arrangement permanent.

Publisher’s Note: This 24,000 word novella contains graphic sexual content and is intended for mature audiences only. Adult content and BDSM themes included are: bondage, humiliation, domination, exhibitionism, light pony play, as well as other types of behavioral modification. This book is intended for mature audiences only. Each description and scene should be interpreted as fantasy only.

Fiction & Literature
11 September
Pink Leash

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