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If you want to save your denim from the trash pile, and give it a cool and trendy twist, then keep reading...

Are you looking to mend your denim, but don't where to start?

Have your favorite jeans worn down, and you're afraid that you will have to let them go?

Are you looking to give your old denim or thrift store find a fresh breath of life?

I will share my secrets to mending denim effectively and easily, by using beginner friendly stitching techniques.

In this book you will discover:

• The biggest mistake you are making when choosing a fabric to patch your denim

• How to mend denim easily by hand, even if it is your first time, by using 3 classic Japanese stitching techniques

A 9-step patching technique, to help you make the perfect patch and design for your denim

• How to re-enforce the inner thigh of your jeans, with a simple but effective 8-step method

• 1 secret tool that will make stitching denim easy, even if it's your first time

• 10 jean repair 'hacks' that will breathe new life into your worn jeans

1 jean repair 'pro-tip' that professional jean tailors will never reveal to you (Chapter 5)

Mending is an opportunity to let your creativity flourish. 

You can even experiment with jeans that you find at thrift stores, to create some unique and interesting garments!

Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this book:

Q: Are the techniques taught in this book effective in mending denim?

A: Yes. The techniques I teach are proven time and again to produce versatile and trendy stitches, especially on denim. You can give your denim a new lease of life with the secrets inside this book.

Q: Does the author have experience stitching and patching denim?

A: As a mother of two teenagers, I have had the experience of not only repairing denim for them, but to also add their 'young' tastes into my own denim with Japanese stitching that I teach in this book. 

I have implemented them several times and I'm sure you will benefit from them.

Q: I have never done stitching on denim before. Will this book make it be easy for me to get started?

A: Mending is quick and easy. With the guidelines mentioned in this book, you could be finished repairing your denim within a couple of hours. Even someone with no experience can implement these techniques.

Hurry before it is too late and you have to toss your favorite denim into the trash pile!

Take action and buy this book now!

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7 June
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