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This book tracks the details of a project involving a dedicated, fantastic, hard working secondary student team, who won a competition to redesign their learning environment. The competition started with the premise that the best people to design learning, would certainly include be those taking part in the learning themselves - the students. That certainly proved to be the case.

Their design, carefully researched, and the result of much Skyping to others, quizzing of experts, surveying of everyone from other students to their cleaners, and debate, was underpinned by a simple premise, if students dream of learning, how great can they really make it? 

The answer turned out to be that learning can be absolutely stellar. With outcomes and results to match. 

This book is a summary of their (and my) learning, our evidence, their joy and engagement. It very much serves as a manual, and blueprint, for other schools looking to run similar projects....

If you want better learning, start here.

Professional & Technical
7 March
Juliette Heppell

Customer Reviews

Proffff ,

Hard work - hugely effective

This is a faithful and VERY helpful record of a project I watched evolve - the videos are useful and worth a bit of download time. If you want better learning - this is a good place to start!

Netmac ,

Utterly Brilliant

The work of Juliette Heppell and her father Stephen is nothing short of breathtaking. They provide the learners with freedom and responsibility and in exchange get back delightful learning spaces, classroom harmony and real improvement. This book goes about telling the story of how they transformed a classroom in London into one of the most innovative learning spaces in the world. What better way to publish than as an iBook?!

CaroleLC ,

Nice resource

Some useful educational work here which features cost effective, learner-led design; this work is needed with government cut backs for school buildings