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The boy she loved has now become the man she despises...

Fashion designer Quinn Daniels has been in love with tattoo artist Zane Wilson for over half her life. When they were younger he only had eyes for one girl, and it wasn’t her. But for the last seven years he’s been hers, and it’s been perfect. Two months ago that all changed. His girl from the past showed up, and he left with her. Now he’s back, and wants another chance, but trusting him almost destroyed her once. She’s not ready to make the same mistake again.

His heart’s been broken, and only one woman can put it back together again...

Zane Wilson loves Quinn Daniels more than life itself. Yeah he was a stupid teenager, and thought he was in love with the wrong girl, but that all changed seven years ago. He let Quinn go once so she could pursue her dreams, and again when he thought he was doing the right thing. But he’s done making mistakes, and letting his past interfere with the present and future he wants with her. Now he just needs to convince her that she’s the only woman he’s ever truly loved, and that he’s never going to leave her again.

A secret heartache could break them up for good—or make them stronger than ever...

Just when it looks like they may have a second chance at love, the other woman comes to town again, and this time she’s not alone. Zane’s going to need help this time, because it’s not just Quinn he’s fighting for. Can she help him heal while still protecting herself?

This is a novella and not a full length book.

November 5
Crystal Perkins

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