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Weight loss for diabetics is a very frustrating, seemingly impossible, feat. For the few that do manage to lose weight the process is short lived; the weight always comes back. Weight loss programs do not work long term; if at all. Doctors constantly harp on the need to lose the excess weight, and their reasons are well founded. Excess weight drives diabetes and its numerous complications. Lose the weight and realize dramatic improvements in diabetes control, and overall health. The overwhelming majority of diabetic’s bodies are functioning in a survival mode.
There are specific causes of weight gain, not just overeating, or donuts. The same causes of the manifestation of diabetes are also the causes of weight gain. You may recall that you gained the excess weight before you were diagnosed. The “Pot Belly” is a trademark of type II diabetes. Unless you learn what those causes are and resolve them, weight loss will continue to frustrate you. Once resolved diabetes control will improve dramatically, and permanent weight loss will become a reality.
Diabetes messes with weight loss in numerous ways. Insulin management becomes vitally important. Understanding how the body produces and stores fat is important. Understanding how carbohydrates, food additives, and wheat impact weight control is important. Understanding what the glycemic index is and how it impacts weight management is important. Changing the diet to include low glycemic foods, and eliminate the foods that contribute to diabetes control issues, and weight gain, must be understood.
On top of all that, your brain is programmed by nature to keep you obese. It is a survival mechanism that formed many thousands of years ago. Your brain’s control center will cause food cravings and shut your metabolism down in order to cause you to gain weight. It is so powerful that even vigorous exercise and massive cuts in calories will fail to lose any weight in many cases. Weight loss is much simpler once you understand how your brain sets your weight level and maintains it. You have to learn how to reprogram your brain’s control center to enable you to lose weight, and then reprogram your brain to maintain the new lower weight. You will learn how dopamine (a hormone) causes food addictions, especially carbohydrate addictions, and how to overcome them.
Diabetes causes shifts in the beneficial bacteria population of the gut, which causes an impaired immune system, and enables Candida (yeast), and parasites to overpopulate. Your body loses its ability to control them. These invaders produce large amounts of acidic toxins, which the body responds to by producing new fat cells and filling them to store these toxins; to get them out of the bloodstream. They will stall weight loss in its tracks. They also promote the development of hypothyroidism, which also is a major cause of weight gain. Candida, parasites, and hypothyroidism very frequently coexist with diabetes and doctors rarely look for them or treat them.
Weight loss for diabetics is far more involved than just cutting carbohydrates or calories. The process can be considerably simpler and ultimately successful, if you understand it, and learn how to do it properly. This book will remove all of the mystery behind weight loss, and help you succeed in reaching your ideal weight-permanently.

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April 19
Thomas Nelson

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