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When I first realised that a "miracle herb" had prevented my asthma attacks and stopped me wheezing, somewhat miraculously, during the first few months of my battle against lung disease in my early forties, I started to study herbal medicines in the University of Life. Thus far, I haven't had an asthma attack or wheezed for 17 years. After other "miracle herbs" cured some of my other ailments, it occurred to me that I ought to write my book, Diary of a Scribbler, based on records I have kept in my journals of what occurred after I began to experiment with herbal medicines in my early forties, some 17 years ago. 

I have listed below some — but not all — of the conditions which herbal medicines, minerals and super-foods have cured or reversed between my early forties and late fifties. 

- How I lost more than 7 stone in weight in my fifties, aided by my Fat Burning Plan. 

- How I reversed my dementia in 2014 with herbal medicines, super-foods, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. 

- How I stopped a stroke from paralysing me with an amino acid. 

- How raw garlic saved my life during a major angina attack. 

- How a miracle herb prevented my asthma attacks for 17 years. 

- How this herb boosts immunity and may combat the effects of the coronavirus combined with the black box and herbal antivirals. 

- How I cured my psoriasis in 2019 with a super-food and a herbal tea. 

- How I cured my fibromyalgia in 2014. 

- How a miracle herb reduced the inflammation in my lungs and stopped asthma attacks for 17 years. How this anti-inflammatory, combined with herbal antivirals could be used to combat the coronavirus.

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11 December