Dinner For Three - a filthy quickie

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Publisher Description

A short story from the sizzling hot Filthy Quickies series. Julie's in an open relationship with two boyfriends, but her men have never met. She's hoping that dinner for three will turn into a red-hot threesome and a bright future for all of them. Maybe putting herself on the menu will help with that. Contains whipped cream, a highly unusual way to serve fruit salad, some orgasmic fingercuff action and three very satisfied diners. This short story is roughly 3,600 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen. EXCERPT Ethan greeted me with a kiss that promised all kinds of things and I let him in, my heart beating faster now that they were both under my roof. "Ethan, this is Ben." They shook hands and broke into a pair of nervous smiles. Bless them. They were so cute. "Wine?" I asked Ethan. "Yes please." He brandished the flowers and the bottle of red he'd brought with him. I took them both and headed for the kitchen. The sound of their voices travelled after me and I allowed myself a small smile. They were talking. Not wanting to leave them alone together for too long, I dumped the flowers in a jug of water and filled three wine glasses. "You can sit at the table," I told them as I brought out their drinks. "Dinner's ready to serve." Both of them stood where I'd left them, looking more nervous than I'd ever witnessed. "Do you need a hand?" Maybe it would help break the ice. "Yeah, you can take the food out." The table was already laid, so I got out the oven gloves and directed them to the food in the oven. By the time the pork and all its trimmings were on the dinner table, we were laughing about the way I said "Shiraz" and everything felt so much more relaxed. I put myself at the head of the table, with my boys on either side. When we sat down to eat, I took their hands and just had to say something to mark the occasion. "Ben. Ethan. I hope you know how much I love you." I don't know if it was the wine or the company, but I started to tear up. "Well, we love you too." Ben caught Ethan's eye across the table. "Yes. I think we should have a toast." I let go of them and blinked away the unshed tears. "To the happy three." Ethan raised his wine and we did the same, echoing his toast and clinking our glasses together. "Now let's eat," I said and heaved a sigh. The evening was going better than I'd dared hope. The conversation flowed along with the wine and the laughter came easily. We finished our main course and Ben opened a second bottle. “Is there any pudding?” Ethan asked. Ben and I exchanged a knowing look. “I made fruit salad.” “And there’s whipped cream.” Ethan looked at Ben, then at me. “What’s the joke?” “Help clear the table and I’ll dish up.” I said. “No. I’ll dish up.” Ben winked at me and Ethan raised an eyebrow. This was the bit of the evening I’d been looking forward to most of all. We cleared the table and I told Ethan to wait in the dining room while I helped Ben with dessert. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face.

Fiction & Literature
20 April
Neneh Gordon

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