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Wildlife biologist Chase Armstrong and Montana rancher's daughter Kit Daniels find themselves in the center of a battle between US military forces and intelligent dinosaurs returning to Earth after 66 million years of absence. This book is a tour de force of near-future military science fiction pitting current day tanks and helicopters against advanced alien invaders from Earth's past! A human-sized, intelligent species of dinosaur, the Kra, strikes from a moon base, devastating our fighting forces with a powerful energy beam weapon. To make matters worse, the space invaders turn loose all the huge beasts of their time, including T rex, triceratops, and a host of other animals, giant and small, that make life interesting for humans to say the least. The two young heroes find themselves caught up in a last-ditch battle to save humanity from destruction. Fighting for their lives and the future of civilization, Kit and Chase discover that they might be falling in love—if they live long enough! Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall is a fast-paced, savvy science fiction thriller suitable for all ages and both genders.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 22
Thomas P Hopp

Customer Reviews

A nickname why? ,


Found myself strangely drawn into the story of such a far-fetched concept, a good read if you like the idea of a surreal subject....but certainly not plausible.

Seany101a ,

Dinosaur Wars

The fact that this book had Dino's fighting men got me to try this book and I actually really enjoyed it. Advanced dinosaurs left earth before they got wiped off the earth by the meteor, but now they are back to reclaim the earth they left behind. This is well worth reading.

Jamey47 ,

Great story telling!

This novel surprised and delighted me to no end. I remember as a child thinking that we were, as humans, as humans so often are rather stupid to believe that Dino's never evolved intelligence and tech civilization.

Mr. Hopp has done something that no one else has. Described a reasonable and exciting futurist view of what truly might have been.

Reasonable, sensible descriptions of Dino's culture, society and civilization make this book and writer top notch.

Highly recommended.

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