Do Kings Drink Wine Do Kings Drink Wine

Do Kings Drink Wine

Should Christians Drink Alcohol

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Over the years I have come across Christians who cannot overcome bad habits. I know Christians who still use alcohol in varying degrees and I pray that this book will challenge Christians who consume alcohol to take a second look at alcohol as it relates to Gods will for their lives. Bad habits cause us to live below our status as Kings and Priests unto God. Note alcohol is addictive and is poisonous as a chemical substance thus wisdom should be employed before introducing alcohol to our bodies via any beverage or food.

The goal of this book is to help the reader overcome bad habits with the help of God the Holy Spirit. I pray that God bless you richly through this 65 page book and that you have a life changing experience.

The conversation about alcohol to include wine continues even 2,000 years after the birth of the Church with intense feelings for or against in many sects within Christianity. To borrow from political behavioral terminology we can say there are conservative ideology, centrist ideology and liberal ideology concerning the use of alcohol. Conservatives refuse to touch wine or alcohol, centrists believe alcohol occasionally is acceptable and liberals believe alcohol can be used regularly.

The issue is not that hard to analyze but the analysis may be somewhat complex when studied from the bible. There is a solid conclusion not a nebulous conclusion and hopefully with this straight forward book, easy to read any person can reach a biblical conclusion for themselves. A hint to consider as one researches Gods intention for fermented alcohol is what are the potential fall outs for those in high ranks of the Church and society if they assume a conservative, centrist or liberal posture concerning alcohol. Also consider as you read is a Christian above the use of alcohol regardless of the earthly position, status or responsibility they may fill.

From Gods perspective the born again Christian is a King and Priest unto God. This spiritual position is also an important spiritual status to consider as pertaining to the use of alcohol for a Christian. The spiritual condition of your heart before God on a personal level is also an essential issue to consider with regards to the use of alcohol. I pray that God will firmly and tenderly touch you at the core of your spirit, heal any deep spiritual pain and enable you to see from His perspective from a personal level the answer to the question Do Kings Drink Wine.

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29 February
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