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An aggressive and power-hungry witch has allied herself and her coven with the Dark Elves and together they seek to raise a God. But can they control it? The Guardians think not and request Janet and her team to assist another Guardian led team in stopping her. And if they fail? An unconstrained deity is capable of destroying all life on Earth – and possibly destroying the Mid-world as well.

"It’s our job to meld everyone into a team in order to defeat the witch.”
Kurt frowned, “Can we do that?”
“We really have no choice. There’s none of us that can go one-on-one with her. She’ll be backed by the power of her entire coven. We haven’t learned how to combine our magic so our only alternative is to work together. You need to figure out how to defeat her. Then you need to deploy us in such a way that we can execute your plan.”
“Suppose she’s just too tough? I mean suppose she has so much power that we just can’t compete - team or no team?”
“Then we’re dead.”
Kurt looked at her waiting for a follow-up that never came. Slowly the full realization of what she said sunk in. Either they worked as a team and found a way of defeating their opponent or their lives along with everyone else’s would be extinguished.

This is the third book in the Mid-world series. The first is Betwixt and Between in which we meet Jerry – who through accident – and Lynn – who through murder, find themselves between the world of the living and the final world to which humans eventually transition and about which nothing is known. They face more than a few dangers but find friends as well. The second book is Harsh Magic in a Frozen Land and the team is sent to the far north where the magic of the Winter Elves is at risk of falling into the hands of a truly dangerous individual.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 4
Doug Lewars

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