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The Terraphiles are a group obsessed with Earth's past and dedicated to re-enacting ancient sporting events. The Doctor and Amy join them on a trip to Miggea, a star on the very edge of reality, and venue for a competition to win the fabled Arrow of Law. But the Terraphiles' grasp of Earth history and customs is dubious to say the least, and just getting to Miggea is going to prove tricky.

For reality is falling apart, ships are disappearing, and Captain Cornelius and his pirates are looking for easy pickings. And the Doctor and Amy have to find out who is so desperate to get the Arrow of Law that they will kill for it.

A thrilling Doctor Who adventure featuring the Doctor and Amy, as played by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in the spectacular hit series from BBC Television written by the acclaimed science fiction and fantasy author Michael Moorcock

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 14
Ebury Publishing

Customer Reviews

AmyTheSwifty ,

Got it from the library, wouldn't pay for it

I found this book to be good, the writing was good and I enjoyed the book though at times I became bored and had to push myself to finish the book. This happened especially at the beginning with the creation of the world Venice with all the laws and descriptions and I became confused and bored as a result. I found the competition to be good and interesting to red. I still won't buy this book though as though I did enjoy it , I had to push myself to read the whole thing and I didn't feel gripped the entire time.

Apple Purchaser ,

Good read

Very much enjoyed reading this book, it gives an interesting blend of the Dr. Who universe colliding with Michael Moorcock’s multiverse.

Michael Moorcock has joined other famous science-fiction writers such as Douglas Adams of “The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy” in writing Doctor Who episodes which blended the Doctor Who universe with their own universes to achieve a very interesting result. Well worth a read!

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