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DOG BREAKING FOR THE GUN: THE MOST EXPEDITIOUS, CERTAIN, AND EASY METHOD, WITH COPIOUS NOTES ON SHOOTING SPORTS. By Lieut.-Gen. W.N. Hutchinson. A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT. Originally published in 1848, this book was so well received by sportsmen and dog owners alike, that several more editions were published in ensuing years. All of these early editions are now very scarce and increasingly hard to find. VINTAGE DOG BOOKS has now republished the fifth, revised and enlarged edition of 1869, using the original text and engravings, as part of their CLASSIC BREED BOOK series. The author was a well respected dog breeder and trainer with a lifetime's experience of working dogs in the field. His book is still considered by many to be the finest work on gundog training ever written. The book's substantial three hundred and seventy two pages contain twenty three comprehensive, illustrated chapters: - Preliminary Observations. Qualifications, in Breaker and Dog. - Initiatory Lessons Indoors. Shooting Ponies. - Initiatory Lessons with Spaniels. - Retrievers. - Lessons Out of Doors. - First Lesson in September. Ranging. - Caution. Nature's Mysterious Influences. - Cunning of Age. Range of from Two to Six Dogs. - Pointing. - Vermin. -Bar, Leg Strap and Spike Collar. - Shooting Hares. - Hints to Purchasers. - Sheep Killing. - Anecdotes on Dogs on Service at Home. - Service Abroad. - Russian Setters. - Whistles, "Backing", Ranging, Runners. - Retrieving with Setters. - Bloodhounds. - Health. - Shooting. - Loading. - Trapping. - Vermin Control. - Pheasant Rearing. - Poachers. - Keepers. - Night Dogs etc. The book also contains many steel and wood engravings of dogs and sporting scenes. This is essential reading for anyone requiring information on dog training, whether it be for the field or home. "Be to his virtues ever kind Be to his faults a little blind." Many of the earliest dog breed books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now...

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