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So many of us would like to live our lives in a calmer and less stressful way, and be able to let go of our problems. This is the book that can show you how to stop letting the little things in life drive you crazy.Dr Richard Carlson teaches us, in his gentle and encouraging style, simple strategies for living a more fulfilled and peaceful life.We can all learn to put things in perspective, and by making the small daily changes he suggests, including surrendering to the fact that sometimes life isn't fair, and asking yourself, 'Will this matter a year from now?', Dr Richard can help everyone to see the bigger picture.Repackaged to inspire and guide a new generation, this is a Mind, Body and Spirit classic.

Health & Well-Being
May 26
Hodder & Stoughton

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("@:Danielle &&@::) ,


I downloaded this book on my phone after reading reviews and I was so impressed with it I bought it for my mum as a birthday present. I suffer with anxiety, depression and ADHD. This book has small sections you can dip in and out of and you don’t have to read the whole thing to get good use out of it. It’s not overwhelming and really great techniques. Having it on my phone means whenever I start to overthink, get stressed, or doubt myself I reach for my phone and read a few paragraphs and it helps bring me back to the present moment.

Really really amazing book!

sophie1311 ,

Must read

Fab book. Complete eye opener for me as I was always wrapped up in what felt like problem after problem. To take time out and realise that it’s mind over matter, and to be able to acknowledge that it’s all small stuff. Really found this book helpful and I’m recommending to friends, definitely going to keep this book close to me. To end with “treasure yourself” is truly important. You are you, have some self worth and love yourself!!!

Sunny puff ,


Just brilliant

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