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From New York Times bestselling author R.L. Mathewson comes the sixth installment in the Neighbor from Hell series…

For readers who enjoy touching stories that make them smile, laugh, and fall in love.

For twenty years, Darrin Bradford waiting for the right moment to make his move and now that she was finally his, he planned on keeping her. There was only one problem with that plan, the stubborn woman that he loved more than anything in this world was keeping something from him and until he figured out what that something was, she would never really be his.

Marybeth made a mistake, one that they were going to pay for, but even knowing that this wasn’t going to end well wasn’t enough to make her do the right thing and walk away. She loved him, always had, always would, but she needed to walk away and she needed to do it before it was too late.

April 24
R.L. Mathewson

Customer Reviews

Pitchieuk ,

Loved it

Another great book I luv TNFH books can't wait for Reesse's book 5⭐️

BBimbo ,

Always a bad one in the bunch

The series is great and enjoy the Bradford’s. This runs along the time frame of the last book. I must say the other books I picked up and read all the way through. This one I struggled with as just seemed boring and the characters are annoying and frustrating, there were 2 times I had to skip back as I thought I had missed something but turned out to be explained later in the book but was confusing. These characters if they really did like each other would not have been together, also if Marybeth loved him she would have let him go ages ago or just not started it, to waste 6 years in a relationship and say she wants what’s best etc... and then say to leave him just shows how selfish she is and they end up been annoyingly childish considering their ages. Out of the series this one is my least favourite but there always is one bad one in a bunch so they say.

Nadey_treanor ,

Great read

Just downloaded this ebook and read it in like six hours, so what can I say about it......

I have to say although I really enjoyed double dare, it was not my favourite book in the series, I felt it was missing something.

Don't get me wrong the book had the usual Bradford charm, and you got to see again some of your favourite Bradfords from the other books, however I did find the book a little frustrating at times, it like come on marybeth, get it together, I mean I am not totally heartless that I did not feel for what she is going through but man is she stubborn, more stubborn than Darrin. And I felt that marybeths problem went on a little too long, at times it felt a little repetitive.

But overall I did enjoy the book, so I would give this book four stars.

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