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Written by the founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud’s 1899 book is the definitive text on learning to interpret dreams. Freud’s groundbreaking approach to healing psychiatric issues through dialogue between a patient and therapist gave us enduring concepts like projection and transference, as well as the superego, ego, and id.

Above all, Freud advanced the progressive idea of unconscious desire as a driving force for our thoughts and actions. This paved the way for the revolutionary notion that dreams are more than wild nonsense-they’re a channel for symbolically communicating our innermost fears, conflicts, and desires. While many of Freud’s theories have fallen out of fashion, Dream Psychology is a great introduction to the influential field of psychoanalysis. It’s a fascinating look into the world of the subconscious-and the human mind.

Health & Well-Being
1 November
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Customer Reviews

Fatherpat ,


A lot of polarised opinions on here. He presents a lot of interesting theories some of which aren’t really backed by science but present an interesting direction of study. Nothing in science is fact and people should consider this when reviewing as theories can be amended as more data presents itself.

Longphi ,

Weak start, but nice finish

A weird translation from German though.

mcav75 ,

Freud's work, largely criticised, but must be considered

Just to clear up some errors in some reviews here. Freud did not just come up with some opinions and "whacky ideas". His theories are based on years of clinical research and while they are by nature subjective, which is a perfectly acceptable tenet of psychology, Freud considered his work to be actually scientific. Without his work, psychology would not be what it is today, and just because people may find his theories to be distasteful, it doesn't mean they do not have substance.

Freud's work has real life application in therapy as well as development. Most importantly, Freud's theories are being revisited and are being backed up with a lot of scientific evidence.

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