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Publisher Description

Johnny Kill is like everyone else; he works and lives in his Corpblock, plays Ebox in his spare time, and is well known for his retro film review site on E. He has the best new Com that he uses to live his life, buying, consuming, communicating, as everything is done on E. All that changes when his uncle, the man who raised him, dies. Johnny receives a letter from within his uncle’s belongings telling him to find something beyond the Internet, beyond E. Reluctantly, Johnny follows through with his uncle’s wishes, unsure of what he may find. He enters the world 'Inreal', the world of the physical. Leaving his Com behind (well, as much as he can…).
He finds a journal made of paper, a bleached book that he uses to chronicle his new life without E. Johnny thought there wouldn’t be anything when he unplugged. Could there really be anything missing, with E providing for every need? But he finds he couldn't have been more wrong; a world full of subcultures celebrating things you can only do physically: sex, coffee, drugs, cigarettes, bondage, and violence. A world ruled by the Blues, the physical laborers, Johnny becomes part of the subculture that has been hidden by E.
It all begins when Johnny arrives at a coffee shop known as CD’s, where he becomes fast friends with a group of Blues including a young punk named Frankie, and a beautiful barista named Rachel. With Frankie’s guidance and Rachel’s interest, Johnny slowly becomes part of their world, finding an existence he never knew. Between fights with the state and private police, a sex house known as the Bed, live punk shows, a warehouse for making paper, cage fights and celebrations of the human body Johnny lives life far away from E. Yet something is stirring all around him, and some things aren’t exactly as they seem. Frankie begins a plan that will change E forever and Johnny chooses to be at the forefront of the revolution. But can they truly leave E behind or is the system stronger than they know?

Fiction & Literature
February 28
M.W. Pritchard