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'The fifth and last volume in Card's sprawling Homecoming saga. More than parable, not quite allegory, Card's far-future religious saga manages, brilliantly, to be at once entertaining, unobjectionable, and edifying.' - Kirkus Reviews

'The conclusion of the story, in which the first born son of a former priest and leader sees the evil he has caused and selects his future, is vintage Card and a joy to read.' - Publishers Weekly

High above the Earth orbits the starship Basilica. On board the huge vessel is a sleeping woman. Of those who made the journey, Shedemai alone has survived the hundreds of years since the Children of Wetchik returned to Earth.

She now wears the Cloak of the Starmaster, and the Oversoul wakes her sometimes to watch over her descendants on the planet below. The population has grown rapidly - there are cities and nations now, whole peoples descended from those who followed Nafai or Elemak. But in all the long years of searching, the Oversoul has not found the thing it sought. It has not found the Keeper of Earth, the central intelligence that alone can repair the Oversoul's damaged programming.

The fifth and final volume in Card's majestic Homecoming saga.

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December 20
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Customer Reviews

granmar ,

Zarahemla, Perhaps?

I see many parallels between this series of books and the Book of Alma, and the Book of Mormon. I liked all of the inferences, including the usage of Russian oriented names as I live in Russia, now.

This last book, Earthborn, in my opinion, is the most compelling of the 5 books and I read Book 5 every moment I had spare, as well as stealing a few moments I did NOT have spare! I really did not wish to put it down.

The quality of the coding was substantially improved over the first couple of books, which was extremely disappointing, as it deterred from the enjoymnt of the story… as though some non-native English speakers, who could not type, either, ws attempting to earn a few bucks!

None-the-less, I persevered and really delved into the spirit of the books, finally, almost guessing before I read, what SHOULD transpire according to our real history!

OSC is a very capable writer with an ability to think very laterally as well as vertically, if that makes sense. I have read most, if not all of his books and feel that this book, “Earthborn” does not deter from his writing skills in any way! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I recommend it be read, even if the first 4 are not read… but read them all, anyway!

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