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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series The January Morrison Psychic Files, , Ralph's Gift, Come With Me, A Halloween Awakening, One Wrong Step, Shadow Stalkers, Friend Zone and now...

Earthbound Angels Celestial Stories Collection Part 1

Dark Knight in Disguise 1

Erick Angell is an angel who is punished and was turned into a human. He feels cursed but he cannot shake his nature as defender of the light.

One day, sitting inside the cafe, Erick sees Hollianne Talbot across the street in tears after a heated argument with a man he supposed her landlord. She looks like she is at the end of the line.

As guardian angel-in-disguise, Erick saves Hollianne. He gave her the chance to start anew. But the feelings she invokes in him aren't entirely angel-like.

For the first time in his life as a man, he feels stirrings of sexual awareness. He feels emotions. He is protective of her, wants to take care of her...

And it isn't like anything he felt with the people he encountered in his other life as a dark knight, the life he tries to keep hidden away.

Angel at Law 1 - Picture Perfect Dream

Simon Draco is top notch defense attorney who fights only for the innocents falsely accused of crimes. But before he is a man of law, he is also a former angel. He retains some of the angel-like quality in his corporeal form which echoes to the hordes of human females who hope to get their hands on him if he will just let them.

But Simon already has his eyes focused on the beautiful and alluring psychiatrist Dreama Addison, the daughter of a senior partner and the picture of his dream lover inside and out. Unfortunately, Dreama has moved on from that one-time perfect date they have had in the past, and is now committed to someone else – or at least, that is what her older sister Raven claimed. And everyone knew for a fact that Raven has long ago set her talons for Simon.

Then he finds out he has a chance to be near Dreama again without anyone’s interference – especially that of Raven – when he and she are chosen to be the Best Man and Maid of Honor in Erick Angell and Hollianne Talbot’s super wedding.

And now he is just raving to plot out the plan a defense for his heart, against all odds.

Angel Private Eye 1

An Earthbound Angel who has the ability to find missing people, Graeme St. Paul has become a reliable private investigator. He learns to be a man, and learns to appreciate beautiful women, but none of them interests him enough to keep around.

Then Graeme is hired by a very rich man to locate the half-sister he hadn’t known existed until his father’s sudden death. It’s just another missing person’s case to him—until he meets Kiara Shannon.

After he's saved them and brings them home, he finds out there is more to the siblings's story than what he's been told, and that an unknown danger is the reason behind their being runaways.

Graeme will protect them as much as he can, but the fierceness of his protection isn't just because he wanted to be good. He can sense a very human feeling between him and Kiara, something he was both afraid and excited about. Something he might try to investigate, and soon.

Is he finally experiencing that human state that's more commonly known as being "in love"?

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5 February
Sandra Ross

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