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This book is written by pilots for pilots and will help you to develop the best possible foundation for your future as a pilot.

Padpilot is already renowned as a producer of the highest quality educational materials for professional pilots. Our PPL series continues the tradition with the same, thorough approach to education.

Accordingly, our PPL series goes beyond what you need to know simply to pass your PPL exams. Instead it includes all the knowledge and understanding you need to become a competent, safe and reliable private pilot.

Because this is likely to be your first contact with aviation studies we assume no prior knowledge. Our books develop your understanding steadily and systematically using clear explanations, supported by brilliant illustrations, animations and movie clips. 

Because they are so comprehensive, and regularly updated, they will continue to provide you with an ongoing reference library for all your aviation knowledge needs.

And if you subsequently decide to become a professional pilot these books provide you with a seamless path from PPL to ATPL knowledge studies.  

Professional & Technical
19 August
Padpilot Ltd

Customer Reviews

Jimbo031287 ,


My child has read this about ten times and got an A in her tests. My rules are on a weekend read 30 books in an hour. My daughter reads about 31 or 32 books instead and she gets A's in every test she has thrown at her! I'm so proud of her and how she remembers it all, she reads Bain storage 1 and 2. Keep writing these books out and I will report you to my friend who is a news reporter. She shall make you famous!!!

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