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814 pages of gritty, East End Noir.

The Towers - Book One

Oppression. Despair. Rebellion

What pushes a teenager from the toughest sink estate in East London to join The Met?

The Towers is the first book in the East End Noir Series by Natalie Hames and introduces the young DS Matthew Connolly. Set against the dismal backdrop of 90's social housing, The Towers will plunge you into the fight for survival in a community ruled by gangs. Connolly soon discovers even the pure of heart can unwittingly slide into the world of organised crime when a loved one hits crisis point. Will he stay beneath the gang's radar, or fight fire with fire, alone?

Lovers of crime fiction and noir will find The Towers will satisfy their hunger for a fast-paced, hard hitting story with unexpected twists and turns. Absorb yourself into a terrifying world where gangs and corruption rule.

Dancers - Book Two [Novella]

Terror. Violence. Rage.

The past will always find you.

Dancers is a novella and sequel to the first book - The Towers. The young Matthew Connolly faces a new challenge which will test his reserve and character to its limit. Faced with intercepting a vicious neo Nazi gang, it's down to the fledgling officer to save his estranged brother from violent reprisals.

For readers who enjoy reading about police corruption, gangs and vigilante justice, this novella will have you totally addicted.

District Line - Book Three

Dashed hopes. Paranoia. Revenge.

When you can't trust your friends, who can you trust?

District Line is the third book in the East End Noir Series by Natalie Hames. When an innocent man meets with a horrifying death and a serial killer is at large, DS Connolly fights against the clock as he tries to unearth the link. Find the motive, find the killer - but will he manage it before more bodies hit the morgue?

Lovers of crime fiction and tough British detectives who bend the rules will find District Line a compelling read.

Finders Keepers - Book Four

Greed. Treachery. Ruthless betrayal.

How much does it cost to turn love to hate?

Finders Keepers is the fourth book in the East End Noir Series by Natalie Hames and follows the British detective, DS Connolly. If you're looking for a violent, psychological read with characters you'll simply love to hate then Finders Keepers will make you gasp out loud. East End gangsters, Romanian underworld and Triads are set to clash. All that stands between them is a bag full of money and a woman with a heart as cold as ice.

Finders Keepers will immerse you into a story of fate, violence and greed, keeping you turning every page with nail-biting tension.

Download the full boxed set today and lose yourself in a world of corruption where the only difference between the sides, is a uniform.

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21 October
Beyond Fiction Publishing

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